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New Jersey Appellate Division Holds Condo Association Liable for Missing Handrail

The New Jersey Appellate Division has ruled that a Condominium Association’s duty to ensure that common areas are kept in safe conditions includes the use of a center handrail on a wide staircase. The Appellate Division further held that the plaintiff’s legal status as an owner of invitee is … [Read more...]

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Halloween!

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Understanding the Probate Process – Part Two

Once you have been successfully appointed by the court as the administrator of an estate, there are a number of tasks you'll have to complete the following:Set up a tax ID with the Internal Revenue Service Prepare and submit to the court an accounting of all assets and debts of the estate—You … [Read more...]

Understanding the Probate Process – Part One

If you have been asked or named to serve as an executor or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, the first thing you want to do is hire an experienced attorney. The probate process can be complicated and intimidating, with many forms to be completed and filed. It's not something you … [Read more...]

Providing a Smoke-Free Work Environment in New Jersey

The Smoke-Free Air Act of 2006, a law enacted by the New Jersey legislature, prohibits smoking in any indoor public building, facility or place, as well as in the work environment. A business or individual who violates the law can be subject to hefty fines, from $250 for the first offense to $1,000 … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Legal Structure for Your Business

One of the most critical decisions to make when you are setting up a new business enterprise is the choice of legal structure. There are tax and liability implications to the different forms, and some are far easier to administer and maintain than others. Here's an overview of the choices available. … [Read more...]

Facts about Wills in New Jersey

If you haven't put together an estate plan of any kind—a means of ensuring the orderly distribution of your property in the event of your death—a will may be exactly what you need to have the peace of mind that everything will go where you want it to go, and that you'll minimize the loss of your … [Read more...]

Failure to Disclose Issues Under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

The state of New Jersey has one of the toughest consumer fraud statutes in the country. With broad application, the law defines fraud to include more than just the "intentional misrepresentation of fact," as traditionally construed. In New Jersey, you can also be found liable for consumer fraud if … [Read more...]

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