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Approximately 4,000,000 of New Jersey’s almost 9,000,000 million residents reside within community that are governed by associations. These associations come in all sizes in shapes from a few units with common governance to several hundreds or thousands of units under a common association umbrella.

Whether you live in a high-rise condominium or cooperative, townhouse structure, retirement community, lake community, golf course community or other form of associated living arrangements, your rights and obligations within that structure are governed by community association law. This includes New Jersey Statutes such as the Condominium Act, the New Jersey Cooperative Recording Act, the Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act, New Jersey’s Business Corporation Act, the new Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act, among other statutes, as well as a number of state regulations. In addition, an Association is governed by its documents of creation (i.e. Master Deed in the context of a condo, Master declaration and Register in the case of a cooperative), its adopted bylaws, rules and regulations and actions of its governing body (usually Board of Trustees or Board of Directors). These various statutory laws and contractual obligations, as well as case-law interpreting same, create an intricate web of governance requiring experienced counsel for proper guidance.

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